“The one love you yearn for most…”

Love“The one love you yearn for most is unconditional love. The one love that is hardest to give is unconditional love. Yet all other forms of love are an illusion next to unconditional love. True love is free from expectations and empty of preconceived notions. In unconditional love there are no disappointments, for there are no expectations; there are no rejections, for there are no preconceived notions. Unconditional love is giving yourself fully and receiving fully.”

– Rabbi Shoni Labowitz, “Miraculous Living”

Know Who You Are

Miraculous LivingHere’s an excerpt from a book I’m reading. I see an overlap between Kabbalah and Yoga Philosophy here. Do you?

Miraculous Living: A Guided Journey in Kabbalah Through the Ten Gates of the Tree of Life [Paperback]

“Know who you are. Although everyone is inhabited by a God-spark, you are a God-spark with a unique soul circuit, born to receive and spread your part of the light. No one else has your unique light. The aspect of you that is light is everlasting because it is connected to the Infinite Source. All you have to do is empty and open for receptivity; position yourself to be a conduit. Witness yourself and your connections to other people. As you integrate with others, remember the essence of who you are and the abundance of your light, so that you will steer your energy away from a limiting perception of competition, jealousy, and insecurity. These sensations mislead you into believing your goodness, happiness, prosperity, and even your health depend on outside influences.”

– From “Miraculous Living” A Guided Journey in Kabbalah
Through the Ten Gates of the Tree of Life” by Rabbi Shoni Labowitz