Reflections on 45

SILVER SPRING - MAY 20: A meditating frog sculpture at the entrance to the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, MD on May 20, 2015. The museum displays artifacts and icons from a variety of religions including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam. (Photo by Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)

My birthday came again. Reflections on 45 started with 45 symphonic gong strikes, building luscious vibrations, one after the other, crescendos and reverberations. A wonderful, rich sound that ended too soon. It made me feel like life goes by quickly. Today, I attempted a 45-minute meditation. I planned to guide my mind through each year of my life. I started as a child and moved forward, as well as I could remember, but it felt more like reviewing phases of my life than actual years. With very little internal dialogue, I experienced presence and focus with some hunger distraction. Lunch would come soon. I saw colors, pictures and video clips. I heard a soundtrack as well– an ongoing, personal selection of popular songs meaningful to me at various times in my life. I sang along in my mind as matching pictures and videos played. My meditation concluded at 38 minutes when my family called out to me it was time to leave, but that’s okay. Tomorrow, I’m planning to practice 45 sun salutations. Last year, I performed 44 full sun salutations. It took me over an hour. I expect the same this time. Reflections on 45… and manifestations for the coming year. I should probably write down 45 things I’m grateful for, too.